No. Once the decal has been applied it cannot be peeled off and re-used.

Yes. The reversed option is a mirror image of the decal. If the decal you are viewing is facing to the left, selecting “yes” reversed for this option will make the decal face to the right and vise versa.

You can apply your decal to just about any clean, smooth, non-porous surfaces, indoors or outdoors. All of our decals include clear high-tack transparent application tape for easy placement.

You can use them on cars, trucks, boats, signs, walls, windows, laptops, and much more.

You can check the colors from the product page. The colors may display different on your monitor so we cannot guarantee an exact color match. You can also view the vinyl color chart here.

We sure can. If you need a decal made from your own image, please contact us for a free quote. We accept EPS, SVG, and some PNG formats.

We sure can. If you need a specific size, please contact us for a free quote.

The exact dimensions will show after you have selected the options for size, color, and reverse.

The size that you choose is measured to the longest dimension, if the decal is wide the size selected will be left to right. If the decal is tall the size selected will be top to bottom.

Our decals are made from Oracal 651 vinyl and have an outdoor durability rating of six 6+ years.

Our decals come in a glossy finish. Matte finish may also be available from the color option menu on the product page.